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Discover ASG's solutions for competitive edge and elevated performance targets.

ASG Machinery Group: Pioneers in Packaging

ASG: Revolutionizing the Industry with Advanced Packaging Solutions.

15000BPH Mineral Water Combi Line

ASG successfully installs sustainable, precise Combi line for customer.

Hot filling machine with sports cap

ASG delivers high-capacity, efficient juice filling machine to Chinese client.

Mid-Temperature Ultra-Clean filling

Unleash potential with ASG's 5-in-1 Ultra Clean Machine: 36000BPH versatility

36000BPH Juice Filling Production Line

ASG delivers comprehensive 36000BPH juice bottling solution, from processing to packing.

Still Water 3-in-1 Production line

ASG's turnkey project in Africa: 12000BPH capacity for mineral water production.

24000BPH Mineral Water Combi line

ASG triumphantly installs a state-of-the art Water Combi Line in Saudi Arabia.

Superior Soy Sauce Filling Machine

ASG's premium soy sauce machine: successful seliver in Japan.

Elite Ketchup Filling Machine

ASG delivers cutting-edge ketchup filling machine to Heinz.

Hot Filling Juice Production Line

ASG: Complete 15,000BPH juice bottling solution from processing to packing.

Automatic Syrup hot filling machine 3 in 1

ASG delivers 3-in-1 syrup hot filler to Starbucks beverage suppliers.

ASG's Revolutionizing Glass Bottle Packaging

ASG's 4-in-1: Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Solution for Glass Bottle Filling


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