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Carbonated Soft Drinks

PET, Glass


Introducing ASG's DXGF Model - the epitome of precision and efficiency in carbonated beverage bottling. Elegantly combining automated, aesthetic, and user-friendly features, this machine is designed to reduce labor while boosting production efficiency. With the DXGF, adaptability meets anticipation, offering smooth transitions between various bottle sizes and an adjustable equipment height. Crafted with food-grade stainless steel and innovating with 3-in-1 technology, it ensures a hygienic and dynamic production flow. Experience unmatched filling accuracy, secured by a CIP circuit, and a magnetic torque device, guaranteeing the quality of your beverages from filling to sealing. All these, controlled via a clear, intuitive touch-screen, ensuring your operational excellence is effortless and just a touch away.

Technical Details

500ml (PET Bottle)
Output capacity (bottles per hour)

Up to 32,000 BPH

Number of filling valves Up to 80
Suitable bottle diameter Φ=50-100
Efficiency Up to 98%
Products Sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, etc
Filling methods Mechanical valve filling, flow meter filling, weighing filling 
CIP Auto CIP with dummy cups
HEPA Filter Reduced filler environment under positive pressure
Combi System Integrate with the MX Blower to form the DXGF Combi System


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